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Members: feel free to list your projects here, and link to the wikipage(s) you're using for your notes, info sharing, etc. Please include a short description of your project on this page.

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Project_Ideas / Current projects


  1. Big CNCs
  2. Reprap and Cupcake
  3. Der_Kritzler
  4. Wind_and_solar_with_dror
  5. TamiFunding
  6. MediaGoblin
  7. BioLab
  8. Arig
  9. CometMeWindLoggingProject
  10. currentcost-collectd
  11. WindyLight
  12. An App A Day


  1. wastewater treatment plant model lighting
  2. energy harvesting dance stage
  3. Hydroponics

Back Burner

  1. back burner
  2. dc variable powersupply
  3. windowfarming
  4. WhoIsInTheSpaceDetector
  5. PTZ Camera NHJ CCD Webcam(PC370R) SQ930B-L based
  6. drawbot
  7. Aeroponics
  8. Wind
  9. BookScannerDIY
  10. Solar_powered_refrigeration/dehumidification
  11. Bio Hacking

and just fun experiments:

  1. MiscSoftwareProjects (ok, place holder for my random ideas -- Alon)
  2. Bicycle workshop