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Members: feel free to list your projects here, and link to the wikipage(s) you're using for your notes, info sharing, etc. Please include a short description of your project on this page.

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Project_Ideas / Current projects


Take this page with a grain of salt - it is used by members, but obviously also on display for everyone. Bottom line, a lot of things are not up to date.

This should use semantic wiki extension, project form, queries.


  1. ATtami - a small, dirty cheap development board
  2. Lower energy consumption

No idea really

  1. An App A Day
  2. SLE4442 hacking


  1. Der_Kritzler

For the hackerspace

  1. TamiFunding
  2. currentcost-collectd
  3. Glow in the Dark Annunciator Board
  4. KitchenCam


  1. Overweight


  1. WalkingTreadMill

Tools, Hardware

  1. Big CNCs
  2. ConnectingLatheAndMill

3D Printer related

  1. 3d_printers
  2. 3dPrinterCameraHousing
  3. FilamentExtruder


  1. TLV3D
  2. WindyLight
  3. Arig
  4. OculusJuggling
  5. ADS1115 + RFduino (just learning to use a TI ADS1115)
  6. WearableUltrasound


  1. Balagraph / RhiziDev
  2. MediaGoblin
  3. AndroidInputInverter
  4. WordpressToSomething
  5. OpenfoamGui
  6. CityEdibleGardenPlanner

Bio (status: vapourware)

  1. BioLab
  2. Actinomycetes_Tournament

Working, Ongoing

  1. CometMeWindLoggingProject


  1. Night_hack_by_T.A.M.I - magnetic robots etc
  2. Wind_and_solar_with_dror
  3. wastewater treatment plant model lighting
  4. energy harvesting dance stage
  5. Hydroponics
  6. MoodSwing

Back Burner

  1. TLV3D
  2. back burner
  3. dc variable powersupply
  4. windowfarming
  5. WhoIsInTheSpaceDetector
  6. PTZ Camera NHJ CCD Webcam(PC370R) SQ930B-L based
  7. drawbot
  8. Aeroponics
  9. Wind
  10. BookScannerDIY
  11. Solar_powered_refrigeration/dehumidification
  12. Bio Hacking
  13. Electric_car
  14. ChibiJuggling

and just fun experiments:

  1. MiscSoftwareProjects (ok, place holder for my random ideas -- Alon)
  2. Bicycle workshop