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I (Alon Levy) have visited the biology DIY group in London Hackerspace and the hackerspace itself for the first and only (so far) time last Wednesday, at their weekly get together. I had a great time and a few lessons I want to record and hopefully act on. This is an initial post that needs elaboration, mainly adding images and starting internal projects. My main takes are:

  • They have a 3 week, 3 stage (1st, 2nd and 3rd weeks) outgoing items system, like Kfir started.
  • They have an RFID system tied to due payments, your card works for the months you payed for.
  • They have 2000 paying members (here I go and sob a little, then return)
  • The Biohackers are a separate group in a group
    • they have their own additional company.
    • you can buy anything with a company (London Biology or something like that).
    • their expenses that are non-project-related are negligble (additional 10 quid per person per month)
    • they got a lot of equipment (the bulk of it) from donations from universities and companies that think what they do is cool.
    • one dude is doing a kambucha based 3d printer (0.5 mm/day), because - (this place left intentionally blank)
  • They have nice guidelines (insert picture and list here)
  • They have a good easy to navigate front page
  • some more stuff, I'll add notes from my images, and the images, later.