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Rust Bi weekly Fridays

Learn you a great rust for moderate good! (you can compiler straight from the page!)

We meet on every second Friday. Two meetings already, with 3 people in total! (2 distinct)

Next meeting: 3.3.2017


Next up: try to get our main page working.

google calendar is broken

window._init is not a function

multipart/x-mixed-replace is not working

- does not provide intermediate results
- iow should display each jpeg in turn
  • hyper is the HTTP library for rust
  • there is no multipart read support for Response - it reads until the end, no callback mechanism
  • how I saw this: run under a debugger (tried rr - got a failure to allocate an OpenGL context)
 python2.7 ./mach -v run --debug --dev
  • ctrl-c
  • thread apply all bt
  • thread 41
  67	/// Read the response body.
  68	impl Read for Response {
  69	    #[inline]
  70	    fn read(&mut self, buf: &mut [u8]) -> io::Result<usize> {
  71	        match {
  72	            Err(e) => {
  73	                let _ = self.message.close_connection();
  74	                Err(e)
  75	            }

hebrew does not appear at all for non bold fonts - rectangles instead

no support for jpeg with boundary (forgot the technical terms)