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We have a pulseaudio server running on meeep, an eee pc on the south part of the eastern wall (TODO - automatically generated small thumbnail of map from inhouse-mapping-markup and a model of KG45/106)

To use from linux:

pax11publish -e -S meeep

Any pulseaudio application will then automatically use meeep to output sound

You can control the audio of any stream individually with pavucontrol (yum/apt-get/yaourt install pavucontrol/actual-name-of-package-TODO)

You can only decide to run a single app on the space speakers by setting the PULSE_SERVER environment variable, like so for bash:

PULSE_SERVER=meeep mplayer -playlist really_cool_radio_station.m3u


  • Delay when playing movies has been noticed (only by the two people who came to my movie night, boo hoo :(( )