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gst-launch souphttpsrc location= is-live=true ! jpegdec ! xvimagesink

  • this shows the same mangled images, so motion has a problem.

curl -i | less

Server: Motion/trunkREV528
Connection: close
Max-Age: 0
Expires: 0
Cache-Control: no-cache, private
Pragma: no-cache
Content-Type: multipart/x-mixed-replace; boundary=--BoundaryString
Content-type: image/jpeg
Content-Length:       13998

Converting to WebM from a bunch of images (i.e. timelapse)

gst-launch-1.0 -v multifilesrc location=timelapse/snapshot.%06d.jpg start-index=1 caps="image/jpeg,framerate=25/1,pixel-aspect-ratio=1/1" ! jpegdec ! videorate ! video/x-raw,framerate=25/1 ! vp8enc ! queue ! w ebmmux ! filesink location='test.webm'