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The idea - to map TLV in 3D using photogeometry.

We have the data on official TAMI superclusters and release it at will.

what already exists

metroscape has 3d models of a few tens of bldgs in tlv

googearth has also a few tens of tlv buildings


will goog come and nail it all down ? if we scoop them we get to ride in the google helicopter.

how to

The 3d scanners such as mantis and kinect are apparently not set up for long ranges like 10-50m which is what we're after to get buildings. Satellite photos probably are not of help here due to shallow angles and probable closed source-ness. A quadcopter may be of use but would take massive time and batteries. Rough order of magnitude of the problem:

one street every 50m

about 20km^2 of area in TLV

--> 800 km of street in TLV

--> a car / bike mounted 3d scanner is needed.


from several cameras with known relative angles and baseline, reconstruct 3d info using known algorithms

structured light

try to obtain 3d info from a large-ified kinect hack