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Dial anywhere you want, for example:
Dial anywhere you want, for example:
'''Local landline''': 03-555-6789
'''Local landline''': 03-372-6660
'''Local mobile''': 054-987-6543
'''Local mobile''': 05*-***-***
'''International''': 1-212-555-1234
'''International''': 1-212-555-1234

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+972 (0)3 9786822

We have a VoIP/SIP setup at TAMI for making phone calls.


Phone is located on central table.

Dial anywhere you want, for example:

Local landline: 03-372-6660

Local mobile: 05*-***-***

International: 1-212-555-1234

Currently local 1-800/1-900 numbers do not work.

Emergency numbers 100 (police), 101 (mada) and 102 (fire dept.) have been specially routed to work.

Any special numbers, other than emergency numbers, do not work either.


Works as expected.


  • $3.33/month for the DID incoming number
  • $0.015/minute for incoming calls
  • $0.01/minute for outgoing landline calls in Israel
  • $0.035/minute for outgoing mobile calls in Israel
  • Outgoing international calls are roughly the same rates for mobile/landline (as long as it's not any exotic destination)

Not the cheapest rates, but the provider https://didlogic.com is decent. Yuval foots the bill.

Setup and plans

Right now we're using a single VoIP hard phone (Fanvil/Focus Telecom generic device) connecting directly to our SIP provider.

Further plans include setting up an asterisk server and do more interesting stuff such as have internal comms at the space, and SMS capabilites.

telecallmart - voip providers