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We have a Cupcake and a Reprap that are not yet functional, this page will track the current status.


Motherboard is v1.2 -

Printing: using ReplicatorG 034 following instructions, and printing from sd card

Log (newest topmost)

AlonLevy 15:49, 20 May 2012 (PDT)

  • replaced ribbon for Z.
  • put back original power supply after discovering 12V touch/no touch problem (didn't mark faulty power supply..)
  • upgraded extruder firmware to v3.0
    • connect USB2TTL cable directly to extruder board
    • use replicatorG
    • instructions (for pastruder but apply just as well for our v2.2 board)
  • extruder problems:
    • started with white, think it's ABS, switch to black (sure it's PLA, much lower 'melting' temperature).
    • some black cable stuck in the middle.
    • need to move the support (called dino), open it up to remove piece.