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We have a Cupcake and a Reprap that are not yet functional, this page will track the current status.


Friday/Saturday 16.6.2012

Printing works. After:

  • Burning two stepper driver boards. They are on the secondary cupcake, the X and Z (written on the cupcake)
  • one cable (z cable) end broke, taken from secondary cupcake.
  • changing the pots on all steppers to be a little above the minimum.
    • minimum worked but caused slippage and stopping after a single layer when printing the penny_op.s3g from the sd card.
  • problems remaining:

Motherboard is v1.2 -

Printing: using ReplicatorG 034 following instructions, and printing from sd card

Log (newest topmost)

AlonLevy 15:49, 20 May 2012 (PDT)

  • replaced ribbon for Z.
  • put back original power supply after discovering 12V touch/no touch problem (didn't mark faulty power supply..)
  • upgraded extruder firmware to v3.0
    • connect USB2TTL cable directly to extruder board
    • use replicatorG
    • instructions (for pastruder but apply just as well for our v2.2 board)
  • extruder problems:
    • started with white, think it's ABS, switch to black (sure it's PLA, much lower 'melting' temperature).
    • some black cable stuck in the middle.
    • need to move the support (called dino), open it up to remove piece.


The plastic stuff seems to slip out of the extruder feeder if its too loose or be crushed if its too tight. Tom

tom sofer

'hobbed' his which makes it grab the feed, thats prob what we need to do - I asked him how to do it but by the time I formulated the question he was already doing something in the 11th dimension to a manifold.

hob this

This link has some pics of someone's problem bolt and this is what its supposed to look like.