Unix Workshops:Installing-freebsd

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FreeBSD Installation


1. [FreeBSD]
2. Create a BSD VM, Give it 512 MB memory, and a 10GB Hard drive
3. Boot from your [disc]
4. Use the Arrow Keys, Space Bar and Enter to navigate through the installation process
5. Apply GPT partitions:

  • `freebsd-ufs`, 9GB, start from: /
  • `freebsd-swap`, rest

6. Configure IPV4 and DHCP, No IPV6
7. Do not enable crash dumps. We don't have the space or need for that
8. Create a user and add it to group "`wheel`"
9. Shut down the machine, remove the installation CD then power up
10. Log in to the system then print: `portsnap fetch extract`
This will retrieve the entire Ports Collection, and should take a while

_Useful_: A fine entry on how to change your (VM) screen resolution:
[Console resolution and geometry settings in FreeBSD 9.x]