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This page mainly deals with Melanoma.


Other Cancers

  • Haaretz: Sheba researchers successfully target cancer stem cells in common children's kidney cancer. (EMBO Molecular Medicine, Prof. Benyamin Dekel, watch the spelling, Wilms Tumor)



Some more not only cancer related: User:AlonLevy/Cannabis

Summaries (start here)

Risk & Side effects


  • 12 cannabis users (hebrew translation of 2009 medical committee testimonies in Aiwa), 3 of which for breast cancer side effects (for relief of pain and improving apetite)

Books & Link compilations

Hemp, Cannabinoids, Endocannabinoids, CB1, CB2

Haven't read yet:

Yet more subjects:

  • Cannabis science (products!), Dr. Robert Melamed's company (CEO):w

More Donald Abrams


  • What if cannabis could cure cancer
    • panel at Sausalito film festival after movie showing circa 2010, shows talk about lack of funding for human tests due to illegality, and the studies that have been done are promising. Donald repeats the problem with the "National Institute of Drug Abuse", not "for Abuse", the only legal source of cannabis in the U.S.A. They also talk about the original research done by Munsen (correct name) during 1970, a student of his is in the panel (name) and talks about the fact the research was founded by NIDA to find cancer being caused by cannabis, and when the results were opposite they wouldn't fund the rest, and they didn't manage to get funding from the NCI (cancer institute?).
      • Talk about Rick Simpson's oil
      • Talk about GWPharma (Sativex)

Raw Cannabis

Prof Rephael Meshulam & related

  • Testimony of Professor Aya Abramov about THC given to Children at Shaarey Tzedek Hospital as antinouseating and apetite stimulator successfully, cheaply, side effect free and not dependency inducing
  • interview with Shlomy Sandak not very interesting. Rephael claims there is no material without side effects, except possibly CBD. Mentions his two books.
  • movie page on dorhaemet.

Israely links

  • - archive that includes a few cannabis (with alef and without) articles. mostly con (generic, only one maybe relating to cancer, and says "not a miracle drug")


Hemp oil made in a specific way, THC levels reach 60%, and other cannabinoids are present as well (based on iron laboratories results page).

Con (criticism)

Proper research is urgently needed into cannabis oil because there are some very exciting possibilities. Personally, if I was diagnosed with cancer I would want to try it, not least because it couldn’t cause me any harm.


Rick Simpson Oil (site named phoenix tears, name chosen based on Harry Potter according to Rick Simpson in his book, TODO page number)

  • run from the cure
  • lecture at Czech with a translator, starts immediately about dosage.
    • Some transcript from the video:
      • The success rate for this medicine is truly unbelievable (7:22)
      • There has been cancer patients that did die (7:34)
      • But most of these patients, they were people who had been badly damaged with chemo and radiation (7:43)
      • I tell anyone who's had chemo and radiation: It's best to take anywhere from 120 to 180 grams as quickly as they possibly can.
      • 8:15 The damage that chemo and radiation does to your body, it lingers in your body.
      • 8:25 A tumor is just a side effect of an underlying condition within your body that's allowing your body to create that tumor.
      • 8:51 the oil doesn't just go after the tumor, it's actually going after the underlying effect thats allowing the tumor to grow
      • 9:15 This oil promotes full body healing in all respects.
      • 9:30 Now when I was doing this back in Canada I treated thousands of people
      • 9:39 I do not know of any medical condition that this oil would not be of benefit for.
      • 9:52 That's the reason I call it a cure all: you can use it under all conditions
      • 9:58 And from what we've seen, it can replace the use of practically all pharmaceutical medication.
      • 10:18 If you have the oil in your posession, you don't have to take their pharmaceutical poisons any longer.
      • (Give mother nature her chance. Best medicine on the planet)
    • combination cannabis history + rso howto + testimonials from the following people:
      • TODO
  • book (buy, promo, not available for free) by Rick Simpson - Pheonix Tears (see site of same name)
  • more videos: 1
  • Unknown individual whose sister died of cancer discovered RSO afterwards and exalts it regurgitating the RSO video contents and adding many self researched links (well, so do I).



I wish.



  • how-to
    • better, shorter - 2 minutes, no funky noise or animations.
  • isopropanol (aka ipa) 2l ipa A.R. obtained from gordon chem. 500mL for 1oz (28g) green starting material
    • 03-6085111 גורדון חימיקלים גנוסר 8 ליד אזריעלי A.R. 80nis/1L
    • haifa - chen shmuel
    • gila galanty 0737151137 anal. 99.7+% 450nis/l 10 day wait for all IPA
    • דרך יפו-תא 43, תל אביב טלפונים: 03-5604884 סהר techn. grade, open sun 700
    • sigma aldritch w292907 99.7% sales to indiv. thru yoel naim 089464462


  • Mr Nice Guy Seattle based. RSO for free to cancer patients with medical marijuana license.

Forums & Boards

search for making testimonials help explanation howto rick simpson oil

Retro Virus

  • Pensilveniya based research helping 6-yr old lukemia for complete remission. chemo involved? 3 other cases mentioned as no effect. Research ongoing. Dr Carl John head of care team.

Souped up Lymphocytes

  • Mayeloma newscientists, James Noble, CEO of Adaptimmune in Abingdon, UK, 100% (13/13).





  • TODO


Electric Field (TTF, tumor treating field)

Apparently there is some evidence that 200kHz 2V/cm Efield and/or nanosecond high voltage pulses will stop division and also kill tumor cells, in 1st studies as effective as most advanced chemo but with no side effects.

    • "Cultures were grown in standard culture dishes (4-well cell culture chambers; SN 138121; Nalge Nunc International). The TTFields were generated by pairs of 15-mm-long, completely insulated wires (P/N K-30–1000; VT Corporation; outer diameter, 0.5 mm; ethylene tetrafluoroethylene insulation thickness, 0.125 mm; dielectric breakdown, 1800 V/mil) fixed to the bottom of each dish at a distance of 1 mm from each other. The wires were connected to an oscillator (GFG8219A; Instek) and a high-voltage amplifier (A303; A. A. Lab Systems Ltd.) that generated the required sine-wave signals (range, 300–800 V). Cells were plated by carefully smearing 10 �l of DMEM (Biological Industries Ltd., Beit Haemek, Israel) containing 1.5 � 104 cells along the gap between the wires (Fig. 1A). After the cells settled and attached to the plate surface, 500 �l of DMEM were added to each culture dish, which was then transferred to a 5% CO2 humidified incubator held at 36°C. The culture was incubated for a control period of 24 h before treatment. Culture medium was replaced manually every 24 h throughout the experiments. TTFields were then applied by connecting the wires to a high-voltage amplifier operated by a signal generator with frequency and amplitude controls."
    • "Materials and Methods - Cell Cultures. Cell cultures were grown in DMEM plus 10% FCS media in a CO2 incubator (5% CO2) at 37°C. Cell suspension (200 μl; total 20 × 103 cells) were placed as a drop in the centre of 35-mm Petri dishes, incubated for 24 h and then the cell number was estimated by using standard XTT method (Cell proliferation assay Kit, Biological Industries Ltd., Israel) and expressed as OD0. Temperature was measured by a thermocouple (Omega, Stamford, CT) placed at the center of the dish. Two pairs of electrodes, insulated by a high dielectric constant ceramic [lead magnesium niobate–lead titanate (PMN-PT)], positioned in the petri dish perpendicular to each other were connected to a sinusoid function generator and amplifier. Two-directional fields were generated sequentially (1) by switching the output of the amplifier between two pairs of electrodes every 0.25–1 sec. The electric field intensity in the culture medium was measured as described in ref. 1. At the end of 24 h of treatment, the cell number was measured by using the XTT method and expressed as OD1. The rate of cell proliferation was expressed as the OD1/OD0 ratio."
  • general Efield*biology info

Trial w. Israel participation:

The novocure guys who make the commercial ttf unit are based on haifa

There is a ted by Bill Doyle.

Rife Mortal Oscillating Rate

Very related to the TTF above.

Gallium Maltolate


Used by chinese medicine against cancer, rediscovered while screening natural substances for anti cancer substances. On wikipedia.

Vitamin C

  • [1] Vitamin C suppresses tumors in vivo in mice, 10.1016/j.ccr.2007.08.004 .


Not a cancer treatment, but cancer side effect treatment - specifically (and only) pain.

  • Side effects include reduction of mitochondria respiration and cytoskeleton related protein expression berkeley done research.

Research Centers