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How do we get here? - google map link

We are at south Tel-Aviv, near Yafo (Jaffa), the closest train station is Hahagana, there are two relatively close green bike stations, parking is an issue during the day (but there is the close blumfield area), though we do have "reserved" parking in the building itself (second floor is a parking lot), during the evening (after working hours) it is much easier.

And who do we call?

We are not always here, so you know where we are but need to get in, how? If you are close by check our webcam, maybe someone is already there. If you are planning ahead contact someone on google group "hasadna", facebook or irc (#tami at

If all those fail, or you just want a soothing human voice, call 054 423468 (this is just 6 digits, wait for the final digit!) the last digit is two times two.

Open house on Wednesdays

We are experimenting with having Open house / Co-working sessions on Wednesdays from 16:00, you can come then.

The lair

There are 2 entrances to the building. Elevators are not recommended.

WEEKEND instructions - the entrances are closed on the weekend, there is a ramp for cars to enter parking lot on floor 2. use it instead.


Currently there is a problem uploading images to the wiki so I put it on an external server -- Alon

Buses passing by (from

142 passes at rotchild blv. and will drop you off at derech salame/abulafia st. turn left on the first street after the stop. that would be ben atar and KG45 is at its end.

  • 192
  • 273
  • 25, 125, 42, 142
  • 83, 84, 98, 163, 201

Map of surrounding area - google map link
Eat, Buy (nuts, bolts, tools, machine shops, other hackerspaces, other cool places, going out)

where size [sqm] rent [NIS/month] arnona [NIS/2month] contact
kibutz galuyot 45 mikud: 6655031 175m^2 (200 w. second levels) 4000nis/mo+25000 currently 300?nis(residential)+1700?nis(commercial) Shaul (landlord) 050-77777 six oh, Hanan (bldg super) 05084215 five one

kibutz galuyot 45 -


Kibutz galuyot45 1stfloor floorplan.jpg

Kibutz galuyot45 1stfloor floorplan.png


sketchup (skp) format

Kibutz galuyot45 guy proposal.jpg proposal from guy

Kibutz galuyot45 1stfloor proposal.jpg proposal from jr

Kibutz galuyot45 kitchen.jpg Kibutz galuyot45 livingroom.jpg Kibutz galuyot45 livingroom2.jpg Kibutz galuyot45 machsanupper.jpg Kibutz galuyot45 machsanlower.jpg Kibutz galuyot45 yairlikesit.jpg Kibutz galuyot45 musicroom.jpg

File:Arnonacalc.pdf ...still cant upload pdf apparently due to wkikimedia bug....

link to arnona booklet

Stepany CNC 200x100x100
Generator (internal combustion engine) 50x50x50
Bunch of boards up against wall
Wooden work desk 7
Drawers 7
LBA (little box array)
Blue wheeled metal drawers
Hybrid metal wood desk 2
Brown stationary metal drawers
Sewing machine
Electronics desk (Aluminum + perspex)
Shelves above electronics table
cabinet adjacent to electronics desk
black cabinet adjacent to electronics desk
sofa 2
black board
orange library shelves
office supplies cabinet
nice full wood cabinet
glass top desk
kitchen shelves & cabinet
spice rack
shelf above kitchen sink
small mobile cabinet
nice pillar four directions open cabinet
mobile underused high metal desk
assorted wood pieces & shelves above drill & saw desk
black secret door cabinet
metal shelves for jutting unused nerdy kilmanjaro