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where size [sqm] rent [NIS/month] arnona [NIS/2month] contact
kibutz galuyot 45 mikud: 66550, new 7-digit mikud (applicable as of 1/02/2013 IL-wide for every address):6655031, move may start as of boxing day or boxing day +1 , coincidence? 175m^2 (200 w. second levels) 4000nis/mo+25000 currently 300?nis(residential)+1700?nis(commercial) Yaron 057-6980912, Shaul (landlord) 050-7777760
19 ben atar - UPDATE: WILL MOVE TO 45 K-G. BY JAN 31ST 2013 100sqm 4500nis/mo 300?nis/2mo gila 036771374
25 abulafia - no longer applicable 120sqm 4500nis/mo 5000?nis/2mo adi carmeli 0502400030
8 rival - no longer applicable 120sqm 6000nis/mo +6000nis 6600?nis/2mo boris 036894242 0505318316 realtor

kibutz galuyot 45 - Kibutz galuyot45 kitchen.jpg Kibutz galuyot45 livingroom.jpg Kibutz galuyot45 livingroom2.jpg Kibutz galuyot45 machsanupper.jpg Kibutz galuyot45 machsanlower.jpg Kibutz galuyot45 yairlikesit.jpg Kibutz galuyot45 musicroom.jpg

File:Arnonacalc.pdf ...still cant upload pdf apparently due to wkikimedia bug....

link to arnona booklet