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== Participants ==
== Participants ==
* Amitai Aharon Franklin (Instructor)
* Vyacheslav Marinovski
* Vyacheslav Marinovski
* Jacob Eichbaum
* Jacob Eichbaum

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We want to run a welding shop at TAMI. Amitai (052-2463101.) volunteered his skill for the job.


  • Amitai Aharon Franklin (Instructor)
  • Vyacheslav Marinovski
  • Jacob Eichbaum
  • Duncan Thomas
  • Andrey Izoutcheev
  • Maxim Veksler


  1. electrodes - (how much?)
  2. metal - (how much? what type? where to buy it? who will buy it? who will bring it to the space?)


  • September 19 2015 ? First meeting clean up the space
  • ? Second meeting
  • ? Third meeting
  • ? Forth meeting (optional)
  • ? Fifth meeting (optional)


jr <jeremy.rutman@gmail.com>
Aug 30 (13 days ago)

to TAMI 
One request
as long as you are welding - make something useful
e.g. :  heavy duty shelves for holding stock. We already did some in the welding room:
Strong profiles from floor bolted into (concrete) ceiling
Triangle arms welded onto those.
Now nothing depends on the strength (weakness) of cinder blocks.
More profiles (3) are needed in welding room, and in machine room (6)
Eyal <fordperfect@gmail.com>
Sep 7 (6 days ago)

to TAMI 
As for things needed for the space and the welding shop, please take into considirarion that whatever you build, it has to be strong,safe and on some cases moveable.
I suggest restocking on abresive wheels,wirebrush cup for the grinder, and welding 


Vyacheslav Marinovski:

  • Someone knows if we have some sort of "VENTA" ventilator that we could attach to an air conditioner

sleeve and it could suck the welding fumes out? Amitai Aharon Franklin: I will bring a big "venta" that we will install in the upper floor.

Amitai Aharon Franklin:

  • there is a place not far from t.a.m.i. (address?)

we will need a car with a "gagoon: that will be able to curry the metrical. (who has such car?) Eyal: If you order enough material,they will transport it to the space probably for free or next to nothing.