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Wood room / Woodworking Room / Carpentry tools & equipment

Table Saw

This section is a placeholder for instructions and tips waiting for input. Please contribute! If you don't know how to operate the machine you can still contribute!

Don't use or turn on the machine unless you have proper training.

We can help you get the necessary training from someone who knows how.

Step1: Ask for help - find someone to teach you the instructions on the main forum

Step2: Document with the person teaching you the instructions (including safety precautions where applicable). Photos, videos, sketches are welcome.

Step3: Sign up to TAMI wiki. Fill up the instructions instead of this placeholder (delete until the link to the QR). If you don't know how, try wiki Editing help, and do ask for help on wiki editing, TAMI would love to hold a wiki party ;-)

DO NOT DELETE QR link: Woodworking room table saw.png

Big Miter Saw

Small Miter Saw

Scroll Saw

Drill Press

Grinding / Polishing Wheel

Belt Sander

Power Tools