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My thing's software. Hardware, unfortunately, is usually unavoidable.

This Wiki is, apparently, not publicly editable, so talk to me at


Got ideas for too many projects:

  1. Ergonomic keyboard, kit: build, hack, fork…
  2. Hard disks recovery, scaled: I've a crateful of dead, mostly ancient, HDDs; would be nice… Commercial services out of the question: obscenely expensive (irresponsibility tax, which I confess to owing), and other than clean room like setup, and spare parts, videos suggest it's feasible?
  3. Book scanning: I've several metric tons of books and paperwork I'd love to “digitize”.
  4. Home automation: with Home Assistant, and DIY controllers and sensors…
  5. Security cameras
  6. Crowdfunding TAMI
  7. Electric fan, large, mostly dead, to fix?
  8. Bunch of ancient laptops, to fix?


About TAMI, this wiki, et cetera.

  1. FAQ?
  2. Inventory of equipment?
  3. Guestbook: many visitors from hackerspaces around the world; be nice to acknowledge them, list contact details, keep in touch.
  4. Is there an archive available of the old (Discourse?) forum?
  5. Vacuum cleaner?


  1. Non/sticky notes, 3.5“
  2. Extension to backpack
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