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Stereoscopic Camera (MYNT EYE S2110)

Model S2110-95/Color
Size PCB dimension:17.74x100mm Total dimension:125x47x26.6mm
Frame Rate 1280×400@10/20/30/60fps 2560×800@10/20/30fps
Resolution 1280×400; 2560×800
Depth Resolution Based on CPU/GPU Up to 1280*400@60FPS
Pixel Size 3.0*3.0μm
Baseline 80.0mm
Visual Angle D:112° H:95° V:50°
Focal Length 2.63mm
IR Support No
Color Mode Color
Depth Working Distance 0.60-7m+
Scanning Mode Global Shutter
Power 1.1W@5V DC from USB
Synchronization Precision <1ms (up to 0.02ms)
IMU Frequency 200Hz
Output data format YUYV
Data transfer Interface USB3.0
Time Sync interface DF50A
Weight 100.8g

Official SDK


The official calibration script is a proprietary deb file that only runs under ubuntu 16.04

Relies on opencv 3.4

Must compile the sdk on the machine for anything related to run

Used to be open source, need to walk back on the git tree and find it

Emulation attempts

For usb passthrough in docker we need usbip, only available after kernel 5.9

After updating the ubuntu 16.04 kernel to mainline

I found a mismatch between the usbip versions between the vm and host

usbip comes from linux-tools-generic ,the newer version of which

was incompatible with the package ecosystem of 16.04

$ lsusb
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 04b4:00c3 Cypress Semiconductor Corp. MYNT-EYE-S2110

    1. calibration

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